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Virginia Tech Carilion Biomedical Research Expansion

Cutting-edge brain, heart and cancer research will flourish in an expanded facility at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine. This newly revamped building – a partnership between Virginia Tech and Carilion Clinic – will also house research on metabolism and immunology along with biomaterials and body-device interfaces (electronic devices and apps that transmit data). Half of the funding for this $90-million expansion project is from the state of Virginia with the balance subsidized by Virginia Tech and Carilion Clinic.

Virginia Tech Carilion Biomedical Research Facility

Roanoke, Virginia



Roanoke, Virginia


Carilion Clinic (Private)

Roanoke, Virginia

Virginia Tech (Public)

Roanoke, Virginia



Baird Drywall (Subcontractor)

Vinton, Virginia

The new four-story, 139,000-square-foot Virginia Tech Carilion Biomedical Research building expands biomedical research on the Virginia Tech Carilion Health Sciences and Technology Campus. It connects to an existing four-story, 152,000-plus-square-foot Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute via an elevated walkway. The original building has a medical school, research institute and lower-level parking.

The expansion portion serves as a hub for five major thematic areas: brain health and disorders, cardiovascular science, infection diseases and immunology, metabolism and obesity, and body device interfaces. It houses next-generation instrumentation, including those for molecular, cellular, whole-body imaging and computing. There are also wet laboratories, requiring direct ventilation and specialized piped utilities for water and various gases, MRI and CT scanning, high-resolution electron microscopy, necropsy and pathology. To introduce some natural elements, this new addition features an atrium and multiple green roofs.