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Diversified Plant Network

While ProForm® products are preferred worldwide, they are developed to fit regional preferences. We understand each region and market has different needs. Our team members are committed to delivering best-in-class quality, all driven by feedback and formula development from the professional finishers in markets each plant serves. The team at ProForm Finishing Products doesn’t assume what the user wants, we work with you to create products that reduce your jobsite issues.

Enhanced Moisture Protection

ProForm Finishing Products offers the only full line of mold and mildew resistant products for ready mix, setting compounds and textures.

Versatile Product Range For Any Project

We offer products specific to your project needs and preferences. Products range from superior bonding characteristics to excellent sanding performance. From heavyweight products ideal for taping to patented lightweight products for an easy finish. Plus, specialty products to fit specific application needs such as low dust and products designed to flow through automated tools more easily.

Wide Packaging Selection

From one quart and one gallon pails for home improvement and repair projects, to standard-sized pails, cartons and bags, ProForm Finishing Products offers a wide arrangement of packaging so you have exactly what you need for your project.

Pro Form Quick Set Light Bags 2 540x540